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22 years ago today…

22 years ago today a skinny big headed baby was pushed outta my mom’s  vag, tossed in to this crazy world and have been trying to figure it out every since.

needless to say today’s my birthday, im happy to say i have made it another full year of life. i have been granted the ultimate gift of time to accomplish the many dreams i have and for that im thankful.

i wanna thank my family for keep my grounded, i wanna thank the internet (including tumblr) for the mass amounts of entertainment and information, and i wanna thank marijuana for keeping me calm and keeping me sane.

what other way to be thankful than to smoke about half an Oz to my self?..exactly..but what all that being said..can i get a “happy birthday”?

  1. visiblyinflightsonko answered: Happy Birthday homie. Never said nothin to ya, but your posts are dope. My next doob goes to you. IF I remember when i’m lighting it.
  2. pimpininmyconvo answered: happy bday sir
  3. pearlytemple answered: happy birthday!!
  4. spookydissonance answered: Happy Happy Birthday!!
  5. deenutz said: Happy 22nd birthday to the birthday twin! Weird how I ended up following someone on tumblr and we have the same birthday and are the same age
  6. weedkitten666 said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
  7. baghdadkush answered: Happy Birthday bro! Smoke one for me
  8. moveforfirstaid answered: happy birthday! :)
  9. cravinchaos answered: Happy Birthday!!
  10. allroadsleadtohellx answered: happy birthdayyyy ! :D
  11. brandie-bo-bandy answered: happy birthday! i hope its a good one!
  12. conmanmurphy answered: Happy birthday! I raise a bowl in your honor.
  13. chewybars answered: happy birthday, lets toke it up
  14. mysterymagick answered: happy birthday
  15. sohanto answered: Happy Birthday dude! May your wraps be forever full.
  16. kid-stoner said: - Happy Birthday #Izzy
  17. ambiguousinsanity answered: Fuck your birthday. jk
  18. raisingrugrats answered: happy birthday :)
  19. nappgawd answered: hAPPY bIRTHDAY!
  20. angelwinged answered: happy birthday ^_^
  21. rebletrooper answered: Happy Birthday!
  22. sandyblunts answered: happy birthday! hit me up so we can split that oz and have a good fucking time lol
  23. usohaole answered: hapi burt day
  24. k-grams said: Happy birthday!
  25. csambark said: Happy Birthday!! :)
  26. ic3berg-slim said: I’m a fan of your blog man. Happy bday and many more to come!
  27. stonedlifestyle answered: Happy birthday man!
  28. 420dedication said: Happy Birthday man
  29. custom-made answered: happy birthday!
  30. thedolo answered: happy bEarthday my G
  31. sometimesthequeenisaking answered: Happy Bud Day :)
  32. your-nationalanthemm answered: happy birthday! celebratory blunt