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Im being tested

I woke up this morning and i though to myself “hmm this feels like a good day”.  Ill be ending my 2day weedless streak, getting my paycheck, and having a relaxing weekend…. silly me.

I come to work and my supervisor is drunk. Shes throwing temper tantrums over the slightest things. My mom always taught me that in any job theres gunna be those ppl you dont like but to remember the only friends you come to make at work are on dollar bills. Im just trying to hold my tounge and get through my shift. I just feel sorry for the new guys who started today, they might assume its this bad everyday.

Ive been working here for only 2months and ive seen so many ppl start and quit (one guy quit 3hrs into the job)  because of my supervisor.

  1. ghostfacetony2fingers said: got damn were do you work???
  2. licensedto--chill said: omg lol you scared me i thought you were actually getting drug tested hahaha
  3. thechicagozombiehavok said: nigga..i thought you was really getting drug tested!! and let her be a bitch as long as she don’t bring no shit yo way
  4. sofarfromtimid said: wheree do you work??
  5. dopamines said: Where do you work…?
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